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    If you want to buy more than 1,000 albums of songs at a time, these prices would be more than $2.00 lower for each album of songs than herein stated.  In that event, please, in English, state which albums and how many albums you want to buy and mail this information together with your name, address, and telephone number to:  Free Downloading Records, P.O. Box 142, Rockwood, Pennsylvania 15557-0142, United States and a representative of Free Downloading Records will contact you by mail or by telephone and tell you the total price of the albums of songs that you want to buy. It is easier and time saving to buy the album or albums of songs for $15.00 to $25.00 for each album of songs and have them mailed to you rather then to take the time and the equipment needed to download and record the album or albums of songs free as you are welcome to do free.  Also, if you buy songs, included in the prices of all albums that you order, you get in English, the typed words to all the songs that you order.  Music helps to make life more enjoyable.  Please, let's everybody all work together and do their best to put these albums of songs on the top of the music charts so that more people will know about these albums or songs which will make these songs more available for more people to enjoy these songs.  In my, Maurice Dickey's opinion, Wal-Mart has exceptionally very low prices, convenience, very large selections and is the Number 1 Superstar Shopping Service Stores.  My friends and I shop there often for many different things, therefore, I will give Wal-Mart a special exceptionally low and very reasonable price for an order to buy and sell in Wal-Mart stores; many thousands of albums of songs.  So, if you, Wal-Mart, are interested, please Wal-Mart Headquarters, please contact me, Maurice Dickey, by mail to Post Office Box 142, Rockwood, Pennsylvania 15557-0142, United States and I, Maurice Dickey will answer your letter by telephone or by mail.  All of Free Downloading Records' artist's songs are copyrighted and all of them are with super excellent piano or guitar music.  Free Downloading Records does not charge radio stations or anybody royalties for playing any of its artist's songs anytime, whatsoever.  All of this herein information  is authorized by Maurice Dickey, the owner of Free Downloading Records, which is an Incorporated music record company.  To download, free, all of the songs that Free Downloading Records' artist's has on the Internet at the present time, type in on a computer that is connected to the Internet the name of the record company which is  If you have any problems of any kind regarding downloading and recording  the songs free, etc., please write to Free Downloading Records and state the problem in English and enclose your name, telephone number and the problems will be taken care of by a representative of Free Downloading Records. 

    The typed three page introduction for the albums of songs is approximately 20 minutes long and after you read the three pages on this computer screen, please play the four albums of 29 songs with super excellent piano or guitar music or, if there are more songs than that available at that time, then the total  number of songs that Free Downloading Records artist's  have on the Internet at that time will start to be played or, if you prefer to play one song at a time, please point the mouse to the title of the song that you want to play.  The title of all 29 songs are listed on one typed sheet of paper and you can see the titles of all 29 songs on your computer screen.  The title of the following small album of 3 songs is Super Enchanting Donnas' Best 3 Superstar Bible Religious Songs.  The song writer and singer of said small album of 3 songs is Super Enchanting Donna.



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